Shore #1: Italy

Oh Italy, I did not get enough of you.

To say the very least, my Italian adventures did not last long enough, but they could not have been better. I made it to five cities in six days and I can’t believe it all fit in! My feet have blisters, scratches, and are now a brownish/black color (we’ll get to Italy’s not so clean streets later), but I have memories to last a lifetime.

September 19th – Civitavecchia, Italy

This is where I get to tell everyone that I do have class… kinda. My first day in Italy was spent with my International Management class on a field lab (takin’ it back to those middle school field trip days). We toured the official port of Rome in the city of Civitavecchia, walked through the fruit and forest terminal of the port, and enjoyed a homemade farm fresh lunch with a local olive farmer. Yes remember… this is class. The port was in extreme construction mode to make room for an all-new MADE IN CHINA only terminal…I kid you not. Our tour guide explained how Italy is actually a lot farther behind in globalization than most believe because they are very traditional and not so progressive. But, when half the world’s products are exported from China, tradition needs to take a seat. The fruit and forest terminal was super cool (pun intended). We stood giant freezers all day talking about bananas, the cruise lines expensive and genetically modified foods, and the complications of doing business with those crazy Italians. Then we took a bus to the rolling hills just south of Tuscany (just as beautiful) to an organic olive farm. There, we met with the farmer, toured the farm, and ate a lot of olives. Oh and on a side note: his wife is a freakin’ good cook. There’s just nothing like homemade Italian pasta. So that was class in Italy.

Later that night a bunch of us walked 40 minutes from the ship to get a meal and some WIFI… cause we obviously were going crazy not having it on the ship. We all called, texted, and posted until our eyes were tearing from staring at that stupid little iPhone screen for hours on end. You could say we have not adjusted to the new “tech-free” lifestyle quite yet.

September 20th – Rome, Italy

When in Rome, get a pair of walking shoes (I know, it’s catchy). Alexa and I did all of the sights of Rome in one day, and can I just say how proud I am that I was able to do that. For those of you who don’t know, I HAVE STUPID FEET, and basically they prevent me from enjoying my time standing or walking for hours. I’ve been getting better since I was younger, but I still really can’t walk for too long before the pains start. But, I can now guarantee all of you that if I can walk Rome, then anyone can. Yes grandmas, that means you ladies too. Honestly, I loved Rome, but even more honestly, I’m gonna have to go back. The sad thing about Rome was that every single sight was under construction in some way. My greatest disappointment was that the Trevi Fountain was drained and had a glass wall around it with construction poles everywhere. But, the city is still the city and the Colosseum is still the Colosseum. To all you Assassin Creeders out there: yes I pretended to be Ezio, until the guard got mad at me for climbing the ancient walls of the Colosseum. Definitely worth it.

September 21st & 22nd – Florence, Italy

So I found my new favorite Italian city. Firenze is amazingly beautiful, but how can a rich and vibrant city surrounded by Tuscan hills not be. The food, the architecture, the views, and most definitely the greatest wines on planet earth are all within walking distance from your cute boutique hotel. So now that I’ve made you drool, start booking those flights. From my new friends to running into old ones on the streets, from the two euro gelato to the fifty dollar bottle of wine, from walking the busy crowded streets to witnessing one of greatest sunsets in Piazzale Michelangelo, from the early morning train rides to the late night clubs, my time in Florence was incredible.

September 23rd – Naples, Italy

So this city is not what I’d call beautiful. Ha! Naples was where the ship moved to, so we all had to get back on there. And that’s about all I have to say about that. Haha okay no all kidding aside, I’m sure there are cool places to go and see in Naples, I just wasn’t at those cool parts… the train station and port are not the most safe areas. The bright side is that I got pizza, and it was yummy.

September 24th – Isle of Capri, Italy

The last day my friends and I took a ferry to Capri, the home of famous (or infamous) limoncello. Now that is what I call island life. I literally can’t think of anything bad to say about Capri. And I need to give a huge shout out to the bus drivers of the island for their insane precision skills climbing to the top of hill on those steep and tiny roads. Also a shout out to the crazy Italian grandma who scratched me and yelled at me in Italian (cause that’s a story to remember) on the bus; still don’t really know why she was yelling… which makes it an even funnier story to tell. It won’t be nearly as fun to read the story than it would be to hear it, so next time you see me, just ask me about it (I’ll never get tired of telling that one). My friends and I had our last caprese salads and gelato before taking off to Croatia. Oh and the views weren’t bad either! (check out facebook)


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