Dubrovnik, Croatia

Well if you haven’t been to Croatia, pack your bags now! It is the most amazingly beautiful country that no one seems to talk about. So go while the rest of the world is behind on the times. Not to mention; everything is a whole heck of a lot cheaper! I didn’t think Italy would be possible to beat out as my favorite stop, but Croatia just did. Which I think is a good sign considering I’ve only hit two of my nine countries… let’s just say the bar has been set very high.

We docked in Dubrovnik, one of the southernmost cities of Croatia. For any of you who are avid Game of Thrones fans… ‘nuff said. For everyone else who has no clue what I’m talking about: Game of Thrones is almost entirely filmed in Dubrovnik, more specifically, the “Old City”, where I spent most of my time. This city is literally surrounded with its own (way smaller) version of the Great Wall of China. In no way am I qualified to give a history lesson, but basically the city has been under attack by just about everyone, and the even cooler thing is that the city is considered the most heavily and successfully defended cities of the medieval times. So basically, Croats rock! (Pun intended).

Another fun fact is that Dubrovnik is part of the Dalmatia coast of Croatia; yes, Dalmatians were first bred there, though you won’t find many there now. Croatia’s coastline consists of over 1000 islands, all in the beautiful Adriatic Sea. Have I sold you yet?

So what did I actually do there? Hmm… not a lot. Ha! I loved just being there, immersed in the culture, sitting around, talking to people, enjoying nature and history. But seriously, that’s what I did… the whole time!

My friends and I rented a B&B about an 8 minutes walk from the walls of the Old City. But, when I say 8 minutes you must think “Oh, that’s super easy!” well, not quite. About 7 of those 8 minutes are walking up and down stairs: slippery, steep, big fat stairs. For those who know me know how much I love stairs; so that was fun going up and down a million times in 5 days. (I better have the best looking butt ever when I come back from this trip).

Okay all stairs aside, the Old City was so much fun. Each day we would walk around and try different restaurants and talk to different people. This was a small enough town that SAS just took over, so we’d walk around a corner and see more students milling about. Every time we talked to a local they would ask, “Oh! Are you from that boat with 600 students?” No joke. Happened at least 10 times. So basically every day was full of food, wine, and this thing called GELATO, (I don’t know maybe you’ve heard of it).

Imagine, jumping off the wall of the old city into the Adriatic Sea, then having some bartender hand you a beer. Okay now make that dream a reality. Well, for me it’s still a dream cause I’m a freaking chicken, but a lot of my friends did that. I, on the other hand, just drank my fun! Another day we snorkeled in the amazingly clear water, but to our disappointment there were not many fish; seems to be a global issue now a days. Poor fishies.

Ooh! We went sea kayaking! Our guide took us into this little cove where we could get out and swim. I can now say that I have officially flipped my kayak (I know mom, you are so proud!). Me and my friend Allie were coming into the shore and right when we paddled in, a huge wave capped right on us, turning us sideways and completely over: MOST EMBARRASSING MOMENT OF MY LIFE. All of our friends back out in the water waiting their turn were dying laughing. The only good thing that came of it was that now Allie and I have matching scars on our knees from the lovely rocks that met us in the water. After getting over that little stunt, we kayaked the rest of the way to a total of 8 miles! Let me tell ya, prettiest workout I’ve ever had.

So in the end, Croatia is at the top of my list, and I definitely plan on being back! But not before I watch all of the Game of Thrones episodes J Pictures are soon to come! In case you forgot, I kind of don’t have Internet on this ship! So next time you log on to the World Wide Web, enjoy it! Haha I know I know no one can feel bad for me right now….

Up next; GREECE!


2 thoughts on “Dubrovnik, Croatia

  1. You’ve sold me on Croatia Tara!! Can’t wait to go!! Sorry about your kayak flip, but it sounds like it may have been worth it!
    Take care, be safe and keep the fun blogs coming!! Love keeping up with your adventures! ❤️


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