It’s All Greek to Me

Opa! Man I wish I got to break a plate during my trip to Greece! But I did do some pretty cool things. We spent the first day in Athens; visiting the Acropolis, shopping for that famous evil eye jewelry, and pretending to be Olympic athletes. The acropolis was super awesome, especially when you think about how long ago it was built and the lack of tools these people had. Acropolis (for those non-Greek-geeks) means High City, so you can expect it to be at the highest point of Athens right? Well I didn’t know that until arriving… so guess what: MORE STAIRS!!! Shopping in Greece is a must, whether in Athens or Santorini. All of the beautiful white clothing and jewelry. A traditional jewelry item is the evil eye, a blue and white stone resembling an eye to protect you from harm.

The second day in Greece, I went to a boutique winery with my class. This winery was off the coast of the Ionian Sea, but it was a kilometer above sea level. Tetramythos Winery is one of the most unique wineries in Greece; due to the way they grow their grapes at high altitudes. We spent the whole day learning about the process of wine making, seeing it first hand, and of course: tasting wines! The food and wine was incredible and I couldn’t believe it was for a class….

Later that day I met up with my roommate and my other two friends for dinner. Alexa’s parents came to see her in Greece and they took us all out to dinner. The food was, of course, amazing. Pat and Conrick were ecstatic to be eating anything other than the ship food. Let’s be honest, we all were. Alexa’s parents were super cool and I was so glad I had the chance to meet them.

Super early the next morning the three of us took off for Santorini. The flight was only 45 minutes and actually a decent size plane. Who would have thought that a lot of people would want to go to Santorini right?! The island was beautiful and way more volcanic than I had realized. Without the pure white cliff houses and cities, that island would be red and brown all over. The black sand beaches were hotter than hell, though the freezing water was a nice balance. Pat, Conrick and I booked this cute B&B in the main town of Fira, close to where our other friends were staying. Walking the streets of Fira, we ran into so many cute places to eat, but of course we had to find one with a view! We met up with the rest of our friends and took a short bus to Oia, the highest town on the island.

This place was BEAUTIFUL. I don’t think I could say I’ve seen a more perfect place! It was clean, bright, lively, and pristine. Oia is known for its amazing sunsets, and everyone knows it. As you walk towards the west, the streets get more and more crowded. Suddenly, you turn the corner to the blazing orange sun and a mosh pit of tourists with cameras. Everyone rushed to claim their spot on a wall or in a restaurant that happened to have a view. We learned rather quickly that you had to be there way earlier than the start of sundown if you wished to have a decent picture. The second sunset of our stay we were pros: getting there an hour before. Next time, (because of course I’ll be going back), I want to take a sailboat cruise into the sunset so I can have the reverse view of the cliffs of Oia overhanging the sea.

Our time was well spent in Santorini: learning how to slow your pulse down and enjoy life a little more. We ate well, drank well, and napped often; something I’d like to suggest to all you crazy Americans back home.


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